Either early or late rehabilitation, we offer our customers a wide range of recovery tools, focusing on a person's wellbeing, and helping them to get back to their previous life. Combining professional support with person's wish, an incredible success can be achived. We do it, because we care about the future!


Das Schluckmesssystem RehaIngest ist mit einem dritten Platz beim Hugo-Junkers-Preis 2019 ausgezeichnet worden. Eine tolle Auszeichnung für die Arbeit des Teams.

Innovation prize: Swallowing measurement system RehaIngest honoured

To support speech therapists in their therapy work by making swallows measurable and visible and motivating patients to exercise in a playful way – this is what RehaIngest makes possible. The HASOMED therapy system was awarded the Hugo Junkers Prize 2019 for this.




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